A whistle stop tour of New York with the kids

After an amazing Disney cruise it was time to head to the hustle and bustle of New York. We swapped the warm weather in Mexico for the cold winter weather in New York. It was a little bit of a shock to the system but worth the whistle stop tour.

We landed in New York on Saturday afternoon, I collected my race number from the expo and then ordered take away pizza for dinner. The evening was spent with three tired children in bed eating pizza, the best kind of holiday. I was up early the next morning for the marathon and had planned a day for the kids. They wanted to see the Central Park Zoo and would then watch the marathon runners and cheer them on.

I understand they had a nice relaxed morning and even managed a trip to Dylan's Candy store. I on the other hand had a very early wake up call and had to drag what I now know is a fractured ankle round 26.2 miles of New York. It was another chilled evening, it had to be after a marathon before we spent out final day in New York.

After checking out of our hotel we had 8 hours in which to take in all that New York has to offer. The girls wanted to head back to the candy store again. I don’t blame them I do love Dylan’s candy store so we ticked this off our list first. 

Our hotel was located near central park and we planned a walking route which would take us past all the major landmarks. We unfortunately could not get a spot to ice skate near Rockefeller or to travel to the top of the rock but this did not ruin our fun exploring the city.

We showed the kids everything New York had to offer. Walking past all the major sights and stopping to shop in major stores. This broke things up for them and they loved watching Times Square from the Old Navy shop window. The only time we took a taxi was to take us to the 9/11 memorial. The last time I was here was a few years after, I could not believe how much has changed. The whole area has been transformed very respectfully and it was a place of quiet reflection in a very busy city.

We had carefully planned a walking route before we had arrived meaning we could walk past all the major landmarks and break up our day. There were plenty of shopping stops and stops for snacks as we walked around the city.

The highline was on our list of places to visit but we simply ran out of time, instead we finished our day riding the Seaglass carousel. This was stunning and I think the perfect way to end our crazy whistle stop tour of New York. 

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