Lockdown Birthdays [In association with MoonPig contains gifted products]

This article features gifted items from MoonPig.com, however all words are my own personal opinion.

Little Man was really lucky, his birthday was just before lockdown. We had a fantastic weekend away celebrating his birthday, we didn't know at the time that this would be our last holiday for some time. Our holiday plans have all been cancelled thanks to covid19 and the plans we had in place for his sisters birthday were all cancelled too.

With my youngest daughter her birthday fell right at the start of lockdown. Presents arrived late, cards arrived late and it was all a bit chaotic. Our sorting office had closed down due to a covid outbreak. Everything had to be ordered online, as we were shielding. Family stood on the end of the drive to watch her open presents and her friends joined her on zoom for a birthday party.

What started out as the unknown has now become the new normal. We won't be visiting shops any time soon, in fact we can't any way until August 1st due to us classed as at risk. Which means my eldest daughter will also have to have her birthday lockdown style. I am once again buying presents online and trying to organise a socially distanced style party. 

I was thrilled when Moonpig.com got in touch to help me with my daughters birthday this year. I was not aware that as well as personalised cards they also offer a great selection of gifts. I will admit to the skeptical side in me thinking that the gifts would all be alcohol related or of an adult theme so they would perhaps be unsuitable for a 10 year old. I was wrong. There is in fact a great selection of gifts for a pre teen child!

selection of gifts

I always try to make their birthdays special but I think this year I have tried to make it extraordinary. I guess that is what happens when you are in lockdown. Whilst my children have all had helium balloons for their birthdays they have never had one arrive in the post before. It was really interesting them say to each other there is nothing in this box, why have you got us an empty box and then watching their reactions as a balloon pops out the box. It certainly put a smile on their faces.

Child face behind balloon

When I asked her what she wanted for her birthday she replied sweets. Now this could be that during lockdown we haven't bought any chocolate or sweets and just had whatever was in the house, or it could be she just wants sweets. Either way a hamper full of sweets arrived for her, so many in fact that she could lie in them! She was rather pleased.

Girl laid in sweets

Whilst the girls may not have had the birthdays they had planned and whilst there are no big parties I think I have made them extraordinary for them. Bringing smiles to their faces and hopefully giving them very memorable birthdays. 

It is not always easy to do but with thanks to companies like moonpig.com it is a little bit easier!

MoonPig.com have a brand new app which you can download here and if you buy a gift via the app use the code APPFREEWGIFT  at checkout. You will receive 1 free card, the promotion starts on July 13th and ends 17th August 2020. 

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