AD Getting creative with Lo-Dough

I have had several friends talk about the benefits of Lo-Dough and I have always been keen to try for myself. Lo-Dough got in touch and challenged us to get creative with our Back to School lunch boxes. They sent us a selection of their products including Lo-Dough bases, Lo-Dough brownie mix and their crumb coating. All I had to do now was get creative and come up with ideas for their lunch boxes.

Since school returned all three of my children have had packed lunches. Our school could not provide a hot lunch option due to COVID restrictions and rather than paying for for school lunches it worked out more cost effective to make lunches at home for all of my children. I try to be as creative as possible but sometimes at 6am whilst making lunches my creativity can sometimes be a little lacking. Lo-Dough gave me the opportunity to try something new with the kids and a chance for us to get creative together.

The girls decided the bases looked like pizza bases and so immediately wanted to make pizza. I decided this would be a good opportunity to create something in the kitchen and any left over pizza could be used for lunches. I would recommend heating up the bases before hand to make them crispy. We made our own sauce for the pizza and then covered them in cheese. Lo-Dough has 90% less calories than a regular pizza base. 

Lo-Dough with tomato sauce

The pizza took around 10 minutes to cook, we watched for the cheese to melt. The girls had a base each and so did Little Man.

Lo-Dough pizza

So much for hoping there would be some left over for lunches the next day, the girls demolished them. The bases are very light and fluffy, but worked really well as pizza bases.  

Girls eating pizza

Lo-Dough also works well as a pastry. I was very tempted to make a pie or a quiche but I didn't think the kids would eat them in their packed lunches. Instead I decided to make something I know they love almost as much as pizza, sausage rolls!

The sausage rolls are made by taking the skin off a sausage before wrapping them in a Lo-Dough base. The base is then given an egg wash before putting in the oven for 20 minutes.

Lo-Dough sausage rolls

Whilst the sausage rolls were baking I began to make the brownies. The mix is very easy to use as you simply add water.  Once cooked they have 65% less calories than usual brownies. You can add other ingredients if you wish such as peanut butter to the mix, however I decided to cook them as they are in case of nut allergies at school. Once cooked they were lovely and gooey and perfect to eat warm. I kept three to one side for lunch the next day, along with the sausage rolls.

Kids packed lunch

The kids really enjoyed their Lo-Dough packed lunches. Whilst I might not win any prizes for taking photos of a lunch box, the kids were really impressed with their sausage rolls and brownies and asked for more. I think it made a nice change from sandwiches

Made entirely from protein and fibre, Lo-Dough can be eaten uncooked, heated or baked as a soft, light and versatile alternative to bread and pastry. As well as being low-carb, Lo-Dough is gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free, sugar-free and fat-free. It’s rich in fibre, containing an impressive 9 grams. We will certainly be using  Lo-Dough again. I am keen  to try and use the bases to make a pie!

Thank you to Lo-Dough for sending some samples for us to try. We have not received any other compensation and all words are my own personal opinion. 

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