Lockdown week 5

I was pleasantly surprised that we went straight back to home schooling this week with minimal issues. We seemed to have dropped PE with Joe and instead look at alternatives for exercise. The girls have got a bit fed up with the same exercises repeated and are wanting a change. Little Man loves Cosmic kids and so we tend to do this and play in the garden.

We focused this week on butterflies and read the story of the hungry caterpillar together. Little Man then used his hands and feet to recreate key parts of the story.

Hand and foot print caterpillar life cycle

Little Man continued with this topic throughout the week and we ordered some caterpillars to further his understanding of the lifecycle. The dogs have spent their days lazying around which is good. We spend an hour in the morning playing with them to make them tired so the girls can concentrate on school work.

Labrador sleeping

The girls focus this week has been on touch typing. I feel it is a useful skill for them to have and it is something they both seem to have picked up really quickly.

Learning touch typing

Little Man has also been focusing on play based learning. I had managed to source a delivery of fruit so the children made fruit sticks. We threaded the fruit in patterns, and Little Man created his own patterns.

Making fruit sticks

For two weeks we had been observing our worms. The girls had wrote ideas of what might happen and which leaves the worms would prefer to eat. It was time to write up our conclusion and let the worms go free. It has certainly been interesting learning about them and the children all understand the importance of worms. 

Worm in wormery

The dogs are having to adjust to this new normal too. I forget sometimes that they are still puppies as they are very big now. I decided to treat them both to a new bed. Unfortunately I was greeted with this scene 5 minutes later!

Dogs surrounded by fluff

The children are also having to adjust to a new normal. Not leaving our garden It has been hard for them to not go places and to see people. I found a local company who delivers amazing ice cream and placed an order as a treat for them.

Ice cream tubs

Little Man decided to build a den to enjoy his ice cream in and to take a bit of time to rest in the sun.

Child relaxing in the sun

Lucky for us the week had wonderful weather and we spent most of it outside. It really does make a difference and helps to improve the mood in a difficult situation.

Sitting on swing with child

The wonderful weather certainly helped to keep everyone motivated and it helped to get outside and play in the garden.

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