Lockdown week 3 and 4

These two weeks should have been the school holidays. I had lots of things planned in the diary, from egg hunts to days out with the children. Slowly but surely each one was cancelled as COVID19 began taking over. The girls were due trips to both the dentist and opticians these were also cancelled. I had been very clever and contacted the Easter bunny prior to lockdown to ensure they had panic bought Easter eggs, else given our shielding status I am not sure what we would have done. One things was clear it was going to be our first Easter staying completely at home and not going anywhere.

We took a break from homeschool, and to be honest we all needed it. The previous two weeks had been tough and it was nice just to relax and not worry about school for a few weeks. I had promised my eldest daughter we would decorate her bedroom, but given lockdown I was still waiting on the paint to arrive and the feature wall mural also. I had some furniture paint in the garage so we started painting her bedroom furniture to freshen it up and make it more to her taste. I let her choose the colours from the selection we had and she sat in the garden painting.

Daughter painting furniture

We seemed to spend the rest of our days playing in the garden and baking. We made everything from Rocky Road

Rocky Road Cake

To chocolate buns with sprinkles on, expertly decorated and made by the 4 year old

Chocolate buns

We even made our own digestive biscuits, which actually tasted a lot nicer than the real thing

Kids baking

Before we knew it the first week had flown past and it was Easter weekend. The children were nervous. They wanted to know if the Easter bunny was still working, and given we were shielding would he be allowed in the house. All valid questions I feel, I told them not to worry.

It appears the Easter bunny is a key worker, much to the delight of the children!

Three children at Easter

After a lot of stressing I had also managed to source meat and veg for a roast dinner and for the first time in ages we managed a Sunday lunch.

Roast dinner

In all honesty our second week was much the same as the first week. We spent the majority of it outside in the sunshine. I am so grateful that we have a garden to enjoy and the kids could go out and play, I think we would have gone crazy otherwise. The dogs seem to love it too and these two have grown a real close bond.

Child and dog in sun

Our baking skills continued with a chocolate cake and sprinkles. The kids seem to be enjoying baking and we are baking so much during these past few weeks.

Chocolate cake

Not having school work to worry about gave us more time to play and I have loved having this bonus time with the kids. We seem to be spending most evenings playing tag in the garden and after I fixed the trampoline this seems to be getting a lot of use too.

Mum and son chilling on trampoline

What would have been the Easter holidays had gone by really quickly and it would soon be time to homeschool once again. Not knowing how long it would go on for it was simply a case of planning everything week by week. The children however were not too keen on the idea of home school starting again and instead wanted to continue with their Easter holiday

Two children playing

We had had a wonderful two weeks but it was now time to prepare for a new normal and a new week ahead

This day I love Easter holidays

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