The Positive Mind Training course [AD]

I was provided with the first two lessons on the course free of charge in exchange for a review

I started this blog back in 2012 as a way to combat Postnatal Depression. I was really struggling to see the positive moments and found myself struggling mentally. Having two children under two was hard work and life seemed to engulf me in such a way I couldn't think or see clearly. This blog in a way saved me, it gave me a chance to see just one positive in each day and from that start on a positive mindset.

It isn't always easy, there are days when adopting a positive mindset is hard work. The world feels and seems against you and nothing seems to go right. I am however working on it. A few years ago I started the hashtag #capturemypositive on Instagram and that in someways gives a refocus to the positive mindset.

Recently I have been taking part in the course The positive mind training course by chartered psychologist Graham W Price. Graham has recently developed an online version of the Positive Mind Training, which can be completed in six illustrated webinars of 20 minutes each and has benefits of which include enhanced motivation, confidence, resilience, ‘work and life’ satisfaction, improved relationships and eliminating stress, conflict, regret, worry, self-blame and other limiting thoughts and feelings, including dealing with Covid-19.

I found the length of the course just right to give you enough information to think about and retain so that you could apply the outcomes in the real world. The course uses illustrations and video to further highlight important aspects of the course at the perfect pace, and with the tone of the instructor pitched that you want to listen to more. I found the graphics really useful and the course seemed to pass by quickly.

The course is ideal for those wanting to focus more on positive thinking or for those looking to adopt a more positive mindset in every day life. After one of the courses I felt confident enough to apply for a job I wouldn't have previously had the courage to do and am pleased to say was successful at securing it. Sometimes it is amazing what the power of a positive mindset can do, i'd thoroughly recommend the course which can be found here , please make sure to select individuals. 

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