AD Review : Cycle desk from Flexispot

 As regular followers will know I am a very active person. My day job however is very desk based and I often work very long hours. I am balancing not only work, but the needs of my children who all have very active social lives after school and my training schedule. More often than not the thing that has to give is my training. Some days it is just physically impossible to fit it in and others I am just simply too tired.

The Cycle desk from Flexispot is an incredibly convenient solution to fitting in exercise whilst working. A way for me to multi task whilst carrying out my day job. In fact whilst I type this blog post I am currently on the Flexispot.

The Flexispot comes in two boxes. One contains the main unit and the other the desk top. Setup is incredibly simple and can be done by one person in around 10 minutes. The instructions were simple to follow and I had to Flexispot assembled in no time at all. The Flexispot requires 2 AA batteries which are located under the cup holder.

There are multiple resistance levels to select. I usually use resistance 2 or 3, as I find it gives just enough resistance over the course of an hour whilst I type a report without it becoming too uncomfortable. There is a good range of the resistance. You can also use the button to scroll through different stats including time and distance.

Both the seat and desk can be adjusted in height using the handy levers located underneath them. The wrist support has good padding and support and the desk area has plenty of space to accommodate both a laptop and papers. 

The cycle desk from Flexispot is comfortable to use and quiet too. I can work and be active at the same time which when you have a busy life with three children is such a great advantage.

The FlexiSpot Spring Sale currently has UP TO 30% OFF between 1st Mar. to 31st Mar.

The Flexispot cycle desk has been gifted in exchange for this review. All words are my own honest opinion. 

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