A photo speaks a thousand words [AD]

 This article has been written in partnership with Boots Photo. I have received items in exchange for this post. Words are my own honest opinions and thoughts.

 I feel so incredibly lucky to have been brought up with some strong female figures. Up until recently I had two amazing Grandmas. Both very different but both equally as strong and independent. I learnt so much from them and I miss them both every day. My Mum is my hero. I wouldn't have the strength and courage to do half the things I do without her [and my Dad] behind me. She is my absolute rock.

I appreciate how lucky I am and have been to have these wonderful women in my life, and know that many others are not in the same fortunate position. Mothers Day is fast approaching. I take flowers to the graves of those who have been loved and lost. Here I sit and reflect on memories we shared together. For my Mum I like to give her photo gifts.

A photo for me invokes a memory, a story, a special time and place. Photos capture so much more than what you see. This is one of my favourite ever photos of my son

What you see is my son playing in a puddle. What you don't see is the story. I had taken my son and the dog for a walk. It was cold and drizzling. We were at the local park with a playground about 200m from where this photo was taken. This is was in the car park. I put the ticket on the car for 2 hours. We spent 2 hours in this puddle in the car park. He didn't want to get out of it, the dog had a great time chasing him in the puddle. I look at it and see the simple joy that one puddle can bring, and how sometimes the plans you make don't often work out but that's also ok.

I had the image turned into a foam board print, which I love more than a canvas as they are easier to hang and much lighter. The print now hangs in my hall along with a collection of other happy times with my children.

Photo gifts give so much more than the gift itself, they give a memory and a story. Photos can be printed on to all different kinds of gifts too from boxes of chocolates, to mugs and notebooks. They are more than just pieces of art for the wall. Every year I create a photo book of our favourite adventures together. My children love looking through the photo books of their first year, and of all our different adventures together. It brings back some wonderful memories and discussions and they make great gifts for Mums and those Mum figures in your life. 

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