Finger foods

My youngest daughter is 5 months old (6 next Sunday) and I started weaning her at 4 and half.  I know the current recommendation is to wait until 6 months but in my own opinion all babies are different and my daughter was more than ready.  She would feed every hour and have a good 20 min feed each time both day and night, she could sit up with support and everything she got her hands on went straight in her mouth.

Up until now I have been feeding her purée fruit and vegetables, staying away from anything other than these with the exception of porridge and rusk biscuits, she would not eat baby rice.  On an average day she eats 3-4 baby food pouches or home made purée, bowl of porridge and has 4 good 20 mins breast feeds a day, plus additional night feeds.  Today however I introduced her to finger foods.

I decided to do a combination therefore of baby led weaning and the traditional method.  The baby led started today and with her two new front teeth she enjoyed every minute.  I have never seen such excitement in her face as the ' toy' she thought she was holding turned out to be something she could eat.  She's also recently worked out the pincer grip and this she found very useful for eating toast.  I can't wait until tomorrow to try her with a new taste.

This day I love finger foods!

finger food

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