Cheese sandwiches

We had a very busy morning and so I thought I would treat my girls to lunch out.  I asked my daughter what she would like and she said cheese sandwich and juice please mummy.  A fair request only they were out of cheese sandwiches.  So I bought her a ham sandwich and some cheese separate in one of those kids boxes.  Well I got a bit of a look and a response of ' no I want cheese not ham mummy' I explained they had no cheese, ' more shopping cheese sandwich mummy?' I simply said ok she seemed to accept and then promptly took the ham out the sandwich ate it.  I started feeding my youngest, when I heard ' look mummy cheese sandwich now', I looked and yes she had made her own cheese sandwich.

This day I love cheese sandwiches

cheese sandwich

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  1. I love how self sufficient they can get with age. I bet you will remember this forever. Your daughter is very cute ;)

  2. Sweet. And a girl with good taste too, quite literally!


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