I have always loved swimming and loved the idea of taking my children swimming.  Both of my girls started swimming lessons at 6 weeks old and both thoroughly enjoy them.  My 2year old is capable of swimming 5 metres without support and knows how to enter a pool safely and what to do if she falls in.  I also think swimming helped her with her development towards moving and attributed to early crawling and walking.

So today my youngest has her swimming lesson.  The second I laid her on the mat in the changing room she got all excited and giddy.  She started to roll from back to front to back to front in an attempt to get to the pool all the time laughing and smiling at me.  Once she was changed and I had picked her up she started jumping in my arms, similar to how she does when it's bath time.

We had our lesson and the teacher said 'someone was a little excited to be here today'.  I had to agree she was so happy to be in the water swimming.  I love how excited both my girls are with swimming and that it's a time we can enjoy together.

This day I love swimming.


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