Enchanted woods

Today I had my nephew with me for the day.  I have been looking forward to this for sometime as my daughter really loves spending time with her cousins and it's always nice for me to listen to her laugh and giggle and to have someone for her to play with closer to her age.  

I decided to take them to the enchanted wood at Stockeld Park.  I had never been before but it looked to cater for both a 2year old and 5 year old.  I wasn't disappointed.  Whilst some activities such as the ice skating and skiing had minimum age restrictions on them others like the enchanted wood didn't.  

We spent the morning in the maze which neither child had done a maze before.  There were 4 different points to find in the maze and lots to keep the children amused as we were going round.  It was great fun and we only got lost a few times!  It was even pushchair friendly this made it even better for us.

After lunch we had a walk round the enchanted forest and it really was beautiful.  There were loads of different sculptures, lights and things for the children to see and do as we walked round.  The walk was quite long for my 2 year old but she still really enjoyed it.  There is a variety of different things for the children to interact with and I was particularly impressed with the lake which is just stunning.

We watched the ice skaters and had a look at the pumpkin patch before heading home.  Both children asked to come again and my daughter who is normally a terrible sleeper was in bed fast asleep by 7.30pm!  Overall a thoroughly enjoyable day, I can't wait to take them again, maybe at Christmas when Santa is there.

This day I love enchanted woods.

I visited Stockeld Park as a paying visitor and have not been asked by them to write this, I simply enjoyed my day and therefore wanted to write and share my experience.

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