Mint stars and angels

As part of our crafty Christmas today we made mint stars and angels.  I wanted to do a bit of a practise run on making them as I will be making them again with my daughter as a Christmas gift for her nursery.  My daughter really loves making things and baking is something she often asks to do,   She was really excited to be making sweets.


500g icing sugar
1 small egg white
2 teaspoon peppermint flavouring
4 teaspoons lemon juice
food dye optional


1. Sift the icing sugar into a bowl


2. Mix the egg white, peppermint flavouring and lemon juice together and then add the mixture into the bowl with the icing sugar.


3. Stir the mixture and then use hands to form the mixture into a dough.


4. Create separate dough balls for each different food colouring using.and place balls into separate bowls [optional]
5. Add food dye to each ball [optional]
6. Sprinkle icing onto work surface to stop mixture sticking and roll out.until its about as thick as your thinnest finger.


7. Cut out shapes

8. Cover a baking tray in food wrap and place shapes onto baking tray.
9. If desired can draw patterns onto mint using an icing pen.


10. Leave to air dry until hard [approx 1 hour]

stars and angels

We had a lot of fun making these and will be making them again soon.  My daughter loved sifting the icing sugar into the bowl as she kept saying, 'its snowing Mummy'.  She had a lot of fun and they taste fantastic.

all gone

This day I love Mint stars and angels.

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  1. Wow they look fantastic, ur daughter looks like she had alot of fun xx

  2. Thanks we did, she loves making a mess think most 2yr olds do.

  3. Not sure if I am more impressed by the mint stars or your little angle!


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