Its been a day full of surprises, some good and some bad.  Last night I had a small accident in the car, I don't particularly want to go into the details, as all that matters to me is both girls are ok, metal can be replaced my kids can't, but when I got home and tried to open the door to my youngest the handle came off in my hands, bad surprise.  I had to climb through the car over my other daughters car seat in order to get her out, good surprise I'm a little fitter than I thought.

So this morning involved ringing round numerous companies to sort out a replacement car and booking mine into be fixed.  Now when booking a replacement car I specifically stated I needed 5 doors and a boot big enough to fit a twin pushchair in, not a problem I was told, bad surprise I got a small car.  There is nothing wrong with it but it does not meet the requirements stated i.e. a twin pushchair does not fit in the boot, or at least mine doesn't.  

After a rather long morning I took my girls swimming which they both love for the afternoon.  I returned home to find my husband home, a good surprise.  An even better surprise was that he had cooked dinner, a really yummy shepherd pie [or as we call them thanksgiving pie as we use turkey mince].  It was the best surprise of the day and a great way to end a rather hectic day.

Shepherds pie

This day I love surprises. 

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  1. Ah, shepherds pie. Such a simple dish, yet one I will happily wolf down without thinking.

    I usually eat it with a spoon - does that make me practical, or just uncivilised...?

    Glad that everyone is okay from the accident.

    1. Yeah all fine from accident thank you. I think eating with a spoon is practical!


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