My eldest has always suffered with teething.  She got her first tooth on Mothers day when she was 8 months old and the others seemed to take forever to come out causing several weeks of restless nights at a time.  Thankfully at 2 years old we should now be seeing the last of them as she is currently getting her back 4 molars all at the same time.

Last night was a very bad night which I am putting down to this.  She just could not sleep and kept crying.  My husband and I sat with her through the night until 4.30 am when I think tiredness kicked in and she went to sleep.  Its horrible seeing your child like this and feeling totally helpless, as you try everything in you power to help them.  Today though she is her normal happy self and 1 of the 4 is completely through, with the other 3 looking about to erupt any second.  

My youngest therefore had a rough night also as her elder sister kept her awake as she could not settle due to her sister crying.  In my very tired state at 7 am, when my youngest decided to wake up fully, I noticed that she had also got another tooth.  She now has 4 teeth at  6 months old, without any problems at all and in the space of a few weeks.  

I find it rather interesting that my daughters are so very different when it comes to teething, in not only the ages at which their teeth arrive but also how they cope with it.  I love that it doesn't bother my youngest in the slightest and I'm thankful that this should be the start of the end of a horrible journey for my eldest.

first teeth

This day I love teeth

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  1. So very cute. Both my children never suffered with teething, my 2 year old seemed to get all her teeth in quick succession and again they never bothered her or no dribble either! I wonder why some children suffer more than others, at least we don't remember it... x

    1. I have often wondered why it affects them all so differently. You are very lucky that both of your children never suffered.


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