Review: Pot of Gold

Pot of Gold Baby balm is made in New Zealand from 100% organic ingredients. It is high in vitamin E and suitable for a range of conditions including:
  • Nappy rash
  • Dry and cracked nipples
  • Prevention and reduction of stretch marks
  • Any chapping and chafing both mother and baby may have

    pot of gold

I was lucky enough to be sent a 50g pot to test and decided to put it to work on a dribble rash my daughter was suffering with.

The rash at Day 1 was red and felt quite rough, the skin around also was quite dry.

rash day 1

I applied a small amount of the cream to the rash, a little really does go a long way. The cream feels lovely and smooth, not greasy which is great, and goes on clear. It feels as if it melts on your fingers as you get it from the tub. I got a little on her clothes but it did not stain. The smell of the cream can only be described as nice, a family member stated it had a subtle hit of fondant fancy, which I have to agree with.

At Day 3 I could notice a difference to the rash it felt a lot smooth and more moisturised. The rash itself was less red and reduced in size. My daughter was enjoying the experience of having the cream rubbed in, which I was doing 3 times a day.

rash day 3

At Day 5 the rash had almost gone, with only a slight redness remaining and by day 7 the rash had gone completely.

rash day 7

I also used Pot of Gold on my lips as the manufacturer state it is a milder all round daily skin care product. I suffer with dry, cracked lips in the winter and use a lot of lip balm. I found Pot of Gold to be a nicer consistency of balm than most other lip balm products and it felt smooth on my lips. My lips feel more moisturised and as a result less cracked.

As a nappy cream it again works really well. I only used a small amount, I let the cream melt on my fingers and then used this. I use both cloth and disposable nappies and had no issues with the cream using either nappy. The cream did not appear to affect the absorbency of the cloth nappy or stain the cloth.

Another great thing about this product is its size. As a Mum to two my bag is often bursting to the seams with a variety of creams, spare clothes, nappies etc. and I often find it hard to locate items. This very often results in me emptying the contents on the floor as I look for the lip balm, nappy cream etc. Pot of Gold is just the right size. By that I mean it fits nicely in the palm of your hand, so its not too big and bulky that you don't want to carry it and its not so small you cant find it in a full bag. What makes it even better is that you only need the one pot, you don't need to carry nappy cream, lip balm, hand cream etc. you just need the one pot, Pot of Gold. Perfect.

Pot of Gold is based on a family recipe and contains only 'Guilt Free' ingredients all of which have a purpose.  These are:

organic Colombian palm oil, pine tree rosin, raw organic beeswax, grapefruit peel oil and vanilla

If worried about an allergic reaction to the product a patch test should be conducted further information can be found [please note this review is for the baby balm which is a milder version of the skin balm]

Overall I am very pleased with Pot of Gold its a product which can be used on a variety of skin conditions and would be more than happy to recommend it.  Should you wish to purchase Pot of Gold it can be found here

inside pot of gold

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