I have to share my favourite moment of today, and that is a conversation between me and my daughter in the car on the way to nursery:

Daughter: 'Can we see some trains today please Mummy?'
Me: 'Let's see if we can see some then?' [we were not going near any but I did not have the heart to say no]
Few minutes pass

Daughter: 'No see train Mummy, can we make a train please?'
Me: 'Make a train?'
Daughter: 'Yes Mummy'
Me: 'Ok, we can make a train.  What do we need to make a train?'
Daughter thinks about before answering ' Steel and paper Mummy'
Me: 'Steel?'
Daughter ' Yes Mummy Steel, and we need two wheels'

This day I love trains.

Wot So Funee?

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  1. aaah kids say the most wonderful things x

    1. It was brilliant she comes out with some great stuff

  2. Clever girl - engineer when she grows up? (Not sure what she has in mind for the paper though)

    1. The word steel got me, never said that before. When she got to nursery she asked for some foil because she said they had no steel. She clearly understands what steel is. No idea about the paper or why only two wheels?


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