Constructive mess

I am unable to venture far at the moment due to the size of the hire car I have, see surprises for further details, so I asked my eldest what she wanted to do today.  She thought about it for a while and stated play in sand and bake cake.  I thought a good plan I like cake and I had an idea I wanted to try out for a strawberry banana smoothie cake.

I will often experiment with different recipes and add my own ideas and variants to them.  I guess I just like the science of it all.  Since having my children I like to encourage them to cook and to be involved in preparing food for dinner, we like making a constructive mess.  My youngest is still a bit young but I put her high chair up to the work top to involve her.

Today I wanted to test out a strawberry banana smoothie cake.  In other words I had some strawberries almost past their best, some ripe bananas, and I don't like waste and love cake.  My recipe went like this:


2 bananas
150g strawberries 
170g caster sugar
170g Self raising flour
170g soft butter
3 eggs
drop Vanilla essence
drop milk


Mix all ingredients together and bake in oven for 1 hour.  Oven needs to be preheated to 160C.  [I like simple instructions, I tend to follow them better]

baking cake

I blend the ingredients together, so I do not let my children near the mixture for this part, but that's only because I like the mixture to be smooth.  My daughter has a cake stall this week for nursery so we used some cherries to make a smiley face on the top of one of the cakes, we made two in total.  I think she had more fun eating the cherries.

Our cake turned out very nice and very yummy.

strawberry banana cake

For her second request, play in sand, we all put on our winter coats and hats and went into the garden.  My youngest was wrapped up warm and fell asleep in her pushchair whilst my eldest could not believe her luck that she was outside and playing with sand.

playing in sand

We built some sandcastles and made some shapes in the sand.  We even played with the leaves in the garden, throwing them in the air and running through them, making leaves go everywhere.  A busy day with lots of fun and lots of constructive mess

This day I love constructive mess.

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