confusing you Mummy

As a busy Mummy I tend to know what day of the week I am on by the things we do and the plans I have made.  I have always said to my daughter the day of the week we are doing something, for example we will see Grandma on Saturday.  I know she has no concept of the order of days or how far away Saturday is but I want her to learn and understand in a fun way.

Today I asked her to get dressed as we needed to go to nursery which is when the following conversation occurred:

Me : 'Lets get ready its time for nursery'
Daughter : 'No Mummy, its Thursday, time for swimming' [we swim every Thursday]
Me : 'No darling its Wednesday, nursery on Wednesday'
Daughter : 'Mummy not Wednesday, it Thursday swim on Thursday'
Me : 'Yes Darling we swim on a Thursday but today its Wednesday and nursery on Wednesday'
Daughter : places hand on hip and looks at me and points, crossing eyebrow ' Mummy Thursday, no nursery Thursday, swim Thursday' before going to get swim bag
by this point I began doubting the days of the week so went to check the calender.
Daughter 'Ok Mummy lets get ready for nursery, nursery Wednesday'

I was some what confused by this point but we proceeded to get ready.  Once ready we got in the car my daughter then asked 'why do we wear hats Mummy?' I said 'to keep our heads warm' to which I got the reply ' No Mummy, my hair is cold, hat to keep hair warm'

The final confusion of today occurred whilst preparing dinner.  My daughter stands in a funpod to help prepare food.  She cannot reach anything sharp but she can reach the vegetables once chopped.  I chopped pepper which she was happily eating and peeled two onions.  I came to get the onion to chop it but could not find it anywhere.  My daughter then produces this onion from the funpod, looks at me smiles and bites it. 'No like onion Mummy'.  I wasn't sure what to say to that.

eating onion

This day I love confusing you Mummy.

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  1. Well, a girl gotta learn somehow about not eating whole raw onions!!

    1. This is true! I think she has well and truly learnt

  2. My kids hide all the food they don't like! I regularly find carrots and the odd grape under the kitchen table...


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