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I was given a very musical up bringing.  I learnt to read music around  5 years old and I can play saxophone, piano, recorder and guitar, although the latter not very well.  My eldest is showing a real interest in music asking every time we are at my parents house to play piano.  She even has a great sense of rhythm and I am seriously thinking about taking her to 'music' lessons.  I have recently started to follow

I was offered the chance to review 'Jingle Bells, the ultimate collection of festive songs for all the family' and I jumped at the chance.  I am so glad I did.  The book contains 18 popular Christmas songs and carols with easy to follow melody lines and guitar chords.  It is suitable for most musical instruments including guitar, Ukulele, Keyboard and recorder.  

jingle bells

I love the illustrations in the book which do not distract from either the music or the song lyrics, but yet add an element of fun to the pages.  They are bright and bold and really capture the spirit of Christmas fun.  I wish they had a book like this when I learnt to play.
song sheet

As an additional bonus the book also comes with a CD to sing along to the Christmas Carols.  This will be played in the car as my daughter loves the jingle bells tune and has worked out that the word bells features in the song but she is just not sure where and randomly sings bells along to the tune.  Jingle Bells also contains two Christmas scenes which need to be completed with the enclosed stickers.  A great fun Christmas activity to involve all the family.

This is a great Christmas songbook which is beautifully illustrated and definitely fun for all the family.  As the cover says suitable for ages - all the family!  The only downside, where was it when I was younger.  Jingle Bells can be ordered from

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