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6 months ago we moved house and I thought I won't unpack the Christmas decorations, I don't need them yet.  Well for the past 2 weeks I have searched high and low and found most but not all the decorations.  My 2 year old has been asking non stop to put up the tree so today I decided we would.

Last year she was a little too young to help with decorating the tree but this year she loved it.  At one point all the baubles were on the same branch but she soon worked out to spread them and she decorated the tree beautifully.
Christmas tree

 She was so excited and kept saying Christmas tree Mummy.  When we went to visit her Grandma later in the day she told her all about decorating the tree.  She was a little upset tonight that I have turned the lights off on the tree, with her response of 'oh no Mummy what happened' I had to explain that I would put them on again tomorrow.

As its my youngest first Christmas I have also tried to find a few decorations/items to commemorate or personalise Christmas this year.  I would like to share a few of my favourite:

Chloe makes some really lovely items.  Each one is hand painted and customised to your own taste.  I have ordered a really lovely Christmas Wreath from her which has taken pride of place in our hall as you walk in.  I also had to order a Santa Key, as how else will I explain to the girls when they are older how Santa gets into the house

I have ordered each girl their very own personalised Santa sack.  There are a huge variety of designs to choose from.  I was really pleased with the quality of mine and the size is great too.

My 1st years have a great selection of items to commemorate most occasions.  I ordered a My 1st Christmas bauble and was really pleased with the quality of the item.  It is sure to last a lifetime.

This has to be my favourite personalised piece and its a stocking.  You can personalise the front and the back.  I added an image to the front and wrote a personal message on the back.  You can even personalise the top.  Delivery is super quick.  The stocking feels very soft and is of a decent size.  


I can not wait to see the girls faces on Christmas day and to finish decorating the house ready for Christmas

This day I love decorating

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  1. aww bless, your daughter looks like she is have fun decorating the Christmas Tree. The Santa key looks brilliant. I love the personalised stocking looks great what a fab idea xx

    1. Thanks, she has really enjoyed decorating, keeps going back to the tree and moving baubles around, its so sweet


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