my own mind

I love how my girls both know their own mind.  They know what they want and how to get it.  I love most of all how they think and work things out.  My eldest has just discovered the word why? or more to the point its use.  Following conversation in the car:

Daughter : 'What's that Mummy?'
Me : 'The Sun darling'
Daughter : 'No Mummy its the Moon'
Me : 'No Darling the moon is at night time and its daytime now'
Daughter : 'Why?'
Me : 'Because its not nighttime'
Daughter : 'Why?'

This conversation proceeded for a good 30 mins.  She has also learnt the word because and its use particularly if I ask her 'Why?'.  I love how at 2 she has her own mind and opinions and knows how to express them.

My youngest is also developing her own mind.  She has never liked the car, it doesn't matter which car, whose driving or what car seat.  She is happy to sit in the car seat outside the car but not in the car.  Today she decided to make her self into a very stiff star shape so as to make it near impossible to get her in the seat.

During our trip round the supermarket she decided to 'sample' all my food items.  I got a bit worried when I kept seeing the same person with a brush, then realised she was a member of staff following us round clearing up the mess my youngest was leaving behind, I paid for everything she sampled.

Upon our return home my youngest decided to empty all the toys out of all the toy boxes

empty toy box

She also decided that pulling up to standing is no longer good enough and now has to climb up everything, as she demonstrated by climbing into her sisters bed

Climbing bed

Her sense of adventure really is growing and I love that she is exploring the world around her.  I really love how my girls are developing their own minds and starting to think more for themselves.

This day I love my own mind.

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  1. My little boy definitely knows his mind and unfortunately the tantrums are starting when I don't give in! On the plus side, he is determined and full of personality x

    1. Yes the tantrums are fun! Its great watching their personality develop though isnt it

  2. Happy New Years from your newest follower! Enjoy this time. Next thing you know you will be walking them down the isle.

  3. My oldest has always asked lots of questions also :) Your kids are adorable! Thanks for stopping by and following my blog, following you back on GFC now. I look forward to your future posts!

    1. Thank you very much. You are welcome too and thanks for follow back


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