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I do love a good bargain, but I hate shopping in the sales.  I do not like having to rummage through clothes and other items.  I like things neat and tidy so that I can think clearly about what the item is I am looking for.   Also for me presentation is key, if it looks a mess I don't like shopping there and with two small children in tow time is a key factor, having to rummage takes up too much time.

I decided to brave the sales, as I needed some new lights and curtains for our house.  When we moved in the previous owners left their light fitting and curtains, which was great but some we wanted to change to better match our tastes and existing furniture.  I figured the sales would be a good idea for these items.

My eldest got a pushchair for Christmas and currently will only go anywhere with this pushchair so that came with us shopping.


 I must apologise to anyone in the shopping centre at the time.  Although she did do quite well and did not destroy anything in the shops with it.

We had a good look round and whilst there were some good bargains there were also some not so great.  I picked up my eldest some new Wellington boots for £4 from £20, which I thought an excellent buy.  My favourite reduction though was on a light original price £1395, Sale price £110, absolute bargain and a very very pretty light.

With all this shopping and bargain hunting my eldest did need to stop for a little sit down

Clothes sit down

I did manage to find everything I needed apart from one set of curtains, will have to keep looking for those.  

This day I love Bargain. 

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