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Maps international  provide a large selection of maps to suit all tastes.  They have all kinds of maps including, personalised, old style maps and maps for children.  I was very kindly sent a glow in the dark map to review.

The map measures 841 mm wide by 594 mm in height and looks beautiful on our study wall.  What I really love about this map is that its not so grown up that it would look out of place in a child's bedroom yet its not too childish to look out of place on an adults wall.  

The glow needs to be 'charged' in the light in order for the map to glow at night.  I found that the room needs to be very dark for the glow to show.  The map glows to show just enough detail and outlines all the major parts of the world.  It would make a welcome addition in a childs room to provide a small amount of light, to take the edge of the darkness, if they suffered from a fear of the dark.  

I really love the detail on this map and will be using it to mark out our travels around the world with the children.

glow in dark map
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  1. Hi Leyla! Following from the GFC link-up. Hope you had a blessed Christmas.


  2. How cool is that!!!! I want one for my room (:

    I'm a new follower from the Friday Chaos blog hop. Love your blog (:


  3. That's brilliant! My boys love glow in thaw dark stuff they have stars all over their walls! X

  4. A study? Only posh people can afford such a luxury in their house.

    Are you posh?

    1. err no not posh. I do work from home though, should I say office instead?


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