Walking and Singing

My eldest had one request today and that was to splash in some puddles.  I can tell she is feeling much better with this request.  How can I refuse with the weather dry so we got on our coats and went in search of some puddles.

looking for puddles

After over an hour searching for puddles we could not find any.  They must have all dried up, where are the puddles when you need them.  She was a little disappointed, so I decided to spend the rest of the day with no technology just me and the girls.  

We played with the toys and built some towers.  My youngest started to roll a ball back to me and her sister, and giggled as she did so.  It was really lovely to play a game with her.  Rolling the ball backwards and forwards between us.   Amazing how the simple things can create so much joy.  The girls also enjoyed some singing and dancing


I have had such a lovely day with my girls.  It has been great just playing together and spending quality time together.

This day I love Walking and Singing.

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