I am more than aware that I have in the past been some what a rubbish friend.  Its not intentional I know that but non the less I am wanting to change.  I recently starting thinking about friends and decided that this year I would make more of an effort.

To me a friend is someone you can count on when you need them.  Who will without question be there for you.  Even if 10 years have gone by since you last spoke they will still be there by your side when it matters. They will forgive and forget and not bear a grudge for those silly things you did when hormonal and growing up, those that you are truly sorry for.  It doesn't even matter if you have never met the person, for the same rules apply can you count on them and can they count on you?

I recently had some news that left me feeling down.  I went on line, to twitter no less, to find a certain someone.  Someone I consider a friend.  I have never met them but I knew I needed to talk to them.  They had no idea the emotional state I was in they could not see me, but they were there for me to calm me down and help me see sense.  Whilst we may not know each other from years gone by or for the fact we have never met, she is my friend.

Today saw some of my friends from uni make the trip from London up to Sheffield, which is close to where I live.  I had not seen them in 10 years or spoken to them other than through social media.  Whilst they have come to Sheffield in the past I have never been free to meet them and that has always saddened me.  I was nervous about meeting them and taking the girls to see them

Prior to meeting my husband and having the girls I often wondered if I made the right choice in moving back home after uni, as I missed a lot of my uni friends.  Watching them now go through the stages of life engaged, married and children [not necessarily in that order], I feel on the outside as I am no longer a part of that life and I do get a little sad by it.  At the time I wanted to move home, my sister passed away in the week my final dissertation was due and only two weeks before my final exams, so I needed to come home, perhaps I would have stayed if she had not have died?  Saying that I would not change my life for all the money in the world.  I love my husband and my two girls and would not be without them.

My girls behaved themselves and chattered away to my friends, I was very proud of them.  Other then us showing a few signs of getting older, and by that I mean preferring to sit and eat cake and drink tea rather than in a pub, nothing seemed to have changed.  This is to me true friendship, that even after 10 years we can still meet up and it feel like yesterday.

If in the past I caused you pain then I am sorry.  I want to be a better friend from this point forward and here is the thing, if you are my friend I will be there for you and I would like the same back.  Lets forgive and forget and move forward.  I hope I can be a better friend this year.  This is my promise and something I am working on.


This day I love Friends.

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  1. Hello!

    Thanks for co-hosting the blog hop and I'm a new follower:) Nice photos! Have a great week!

    Lillies & Silk

  2. this day I love.... getting your emails...

    I look forward to them every day. Some days its good to just read what you have been doing with your children and other days its great knowing that you're out there and still strong when the dice seems loaded against you....

    thanku for doing it all


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