Review : My first Years

My 1st years contacted me at the end of last year to review an item from their 'Winter Warmers' range.  I was really stuck for choice as all their items are fantastic, we have Christmas baubles by them and so I knew any product would be of a high quality.

I eventually chose the Teddy Cardi.  I could choose either a blue or pink cardi, I went for pink.  Text personalisation in fuscia pink, baby pink, royal blue, baby blue, red, white or yellow and I could even choose the font from a selection of two.  Of course if you don;t want personalisation then you don't have to but it is free with all orders.

The Teddy Cardi arrived in a beautiful luxury gift box, which is standard.  This gift box is perfect if the item is a gift.

my 1st years gift box

The Cardi itself was beautifully folded inside.

Folded Cardi

The Cardi is super soft and cuddly.  The lining is 100% organic cotton and beautiful.  My daughter is so cuddly in this coat.  I really like the cuffs that fit nicely to her wrist, which provide extra warmth.  The cardi is really soft and fluffy to touch and the personalisation is really clear.  It is a great coat for her to wear not only through Winter but also as a Spring coat.

super soft coatTeddy Cardi Coat

testing out snow

This really is a lovely winter warmer coat and an absolute bargain at £19.  This would make a beautiful gift for any child and really is made with love.  

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  1. Where in the blazes do you live where there is still so much snow? I would love to have so many excuses to work from home...

    She looks proper boss in that Cardi.

    1. Its a secret!

      She looks fantastic in her cardi, she is too cuddly in it though


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