Paper plates and Pom Poms

Since we visited the deep, my eldest daughter has not stopped talking about the fishes.  She wanted to watch finding Nemo all day today, whilst I was getting her sister to have a nap I put it on for her.

We had a craft afternoon and I thought I would follow on the fish theme and make some Paper plate fish.  They are really easy to do, simply decorate a paper plate, cut a triangle from one side and stick on the other side.

paper plate fish

My eldest thought this was so much fun.  At first she wondered why I was asking her to colour in a paper plate and kept saying, 'Draw dinner Mummy?', in  a very confused tone but when she saw I made a fish she said without me telling her what it was 'Oh wow Mummy a fish'  she then wanted to make more.

As it is Chinese New Year I figured it was only appropriate that we also make something to represent the year of the snake, so we made some pom pom snakes.  My daughter helped me to count out the Pom Poms, we used 5, and then stuck them together.

sticking pom pom togethermaking a snake

waiting for eyesconcentrating with the glue

We left them for a few minutes to dry before sticking on some googly eyes

finished snake

Continuing with the Pom Pom theme we also made some fish

making a turtleGluing Nemo

finish the fishwrap round

fishes ray and a turtle

My daughter was ever so pleased that we made some fish.  She was also really happy because she finally got to use the googly eyes!

This day I love Paper plates and Pom Poms

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  1. Hi, I'm a new follower from the blog hop. Thanks for hosting! This is such a fun thing for the kids to do to celebrate Chinese New Year! How fun!

  2. This is fun. I’m your new follower via the blog hop. Love for your to drop by and follow me back on my blog. Have a nice day!

  3. Oh so sweet! I particularly like the turtle and nemo fish. How fab!!!


  4. Hello. I am a new follower from the Followers to Friends Blog Hop. I love the pom pom craft idea. My daughter would enjoy making something with them.



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