Project 365 : Week 5

Project 365 week 5

I am rather happy that January is now out of the way.  It was a very tough month with illness and various other things so I am now hoping for a happy February.

My highlights of last week are captured in the above photos, with my favourite that my daughter is now using a push along walker to walk around.  Time really has flown and she is growing up far too fast.  This week saw us make home made play dough which the girls really loved and because it smelt so nice my youngest wanted to eat it.  My daughter decided she needed a sugar hit and has grown rather attached to those orange glasses.  The girls have enjoyed some cuddling time together, one photo a little blurry due to them moving captures them having fun and the other a quiet moment together after a bath.  Our dog got very muddy on one of our many walks this week.  Finally I am not sure she could have made any more mess with that chocolate, but she is ever so cute!

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  1. Looks like a busy weeks at yours! great pictures :-)

    I love the picture if the girls all wrapped up and snuggly after a bath :-)

  2. That chocolate picture is gorgeous, it must be so much more fun to eat it like that!

    1. I miss the days when you just did not care how much chocolate you got all over your face

  3. the orange specs are fantastic!

  4. Ha! Love those glasses and the bathrobe shot is so cute

  5. Great pics, we make play doh too, so much better than the stuff you can buy x

  6. That chocolate photo is so cute. My little one is oh so close to using a walker, but am okay with it taking him a little longer...I'm not ready for that yet!

  7. Look at how strongly she's standing! Love the one of the pair of them bottom right.

    Thanks for linking up.

  8. Ah, looks like they've been having lots of fun this week!

  9. I love the one of your little one covered in chocolate.


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