putting things on my head

We visited my parents today.  My eldest has asked all week to visit Grandma but with my Mum working full time it has not been possible.  She really loves her Grandparents and I love watching them play together.

I have not put a bib on my eldest for over a year now as she would only ever take them off or food would go every where but the bib so I figured it was an unnecessary thing to be putting on her.  Whilst playing today she went and got herself a bib from the cupboard and put it on.  She decided however to wear it like this

bib on head

I am guessing it all made sense to her put I have no idea why she wanted to wear it like that.  As the girls were playing together they came across some pot-pourri.  My eldest kept picking it up to sniff it and my youngest did this

on head

It seems to be one of those days where whatever my girls find they have to put it on their heads.

This day I love putting things on my head

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  1. Oh, I love this. My sister and I used to put ponchos on our heads and pretend that we had long hair. Hers was yellow. Mine was blue. Hers worked as hair. Mine did not. It was kind of the story of our childhoods.

  2. Pot-pourri is ideal for placing on your head. Not too big, not too heavy, and it smells quite nice.

    It also doesn't leave a mess, as something like jelly would.

    Who's the crafty soul eating a sweet in the background?

  3. Haha! Kids do make me laugh always putting things on heads! :-) xxx

    1. I know I dont know why they put everything on this day though

  4. It's a fun thing to do for kids. Zeva has been taking one of her buckets and putting it on her head and walking around with it all smiles!! :) My boys will try to put anything on their heads that they can. :)

  5. Hi Leyla, I’m Anne from Life on the Funny Farm (http://annesfunnyfarm.blogspot.com). So cute! Your little girl almost looks Amish with the bib like that. Thanks for linking this up with the MMM!

  6. mine like to grab underwear and put them on their heads lol :) following from the Monday Mingle.

    Jenny @ www.sippycupchronicles.com

  7. I'm your newest follower!
    Follow me at http://pampereddaughterthriftywife.blogspot.com/
    - Sarah


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