Review : Twinkl Colouring book app

I recently reviewed twinkl an amazing company who provide such lovely hand drawn resources for Children.  I found out about an app they have for iPad and iPhone and was eager to take a look, as all their other items are fantastic.

I downloaded the free version of the app, and gave it to my 2 year old to have a look at.

twinkl colouring app

There are 4 categories to choose from and each has 5 images to colour:

Under the Sea

Well she is a little Pirate obsessed at the moment so she went straight for that.  She found the app so easy to use, I did not have to show her what to do she was straight on with it.  She tapped the paint at the bottom of the screen and selected the areas to colour.  She added elements, such as a bow tie and fishes, to the drawing by pressing the smiley face icon.  She even used the pencil icon to draw freehand, which she loved.  It was even great that you could change the background from a wide selection.

You are able to connect to other Ipads to share drawings or email, twitter, add to camera roll or copy them to share with family and friends.  I think the only option missing is perhaps Pinterest, as it would be nice to create an album of my daughters art work.  

You can add to the images already in the library and a further pack of 5 images is £0.69 except for the Christmas pack where you get 10 images.    Though to be honest I haven't needed to buy any more as there is such a great selection in the free version that it has kept my daughter entertained for some time.  If I did though I would not hesitate to purchase as they are good value for money in my opinion.

I found this app everything I would expect coming from Twinkl, fun, easy to use and beautifully illustrated.  My daughter loves it and keeps asking for the iPad to do colouring

Twinkl colour app

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