the unexpected

I met up today with Lisa from Hollybobbs, I have not seen her in 14 years since we left school.  I have to admit although very excited I was also slightly nervous.  My eldest daughter was beyond excited as she wanted to see the trains.  We went to Kirklees light rail to ride the steam train.  

The girls watched as the train pulled into the station.

 My youngest could not work out what it was and my eldest was really excited to get on the train.  We had a lovely 25min or so scenic ride and back again.  When we got back to the station I found it difficult to get the girls away from the trains.
Whats thattrain

I soon worked out that bribing would allow me to move them from the platform.

After promising swings and slides my daughter was ready to leave the platform.

swingall together

on slidepushing sister

on hands and keesclimbing up


My daughter loved playing with H and my youngest loved sharing her lunch with J.  I am not sure what I was so nervous about.  The girls and I had a really lovely day out and it was so nice to go and see the trains and catch up with friends.

This day I love the unexpected 

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  1. Lovely post! Visiting from the blog hop, and glad I did!

  2. glad you all had such a lovely day :-) x

  3. Wow is that your local train? Its beautiful! Hope you both had a really lovely day and a looong catch up! :)

  4. Ooh my 3 year old would love a day out like that so much,he's train obsessed but we have none in Cyprus!

  5. That is such a cool train! Sounds like a lovely day.

  6. I love the look of the train, sounds amazing! I can see why your children didn't want to leave.

  7. That train looks fantastic!
    Sounds like you had a really lovely day x

  8. awww how lovely to catch up with an old school friend and one who is another blogger!! i can understand why the the trains captivated your daughters - there is something magical about steam trains.Still the park looks like a lot of fun and the last photo is a great shpt.
    glad you all enjoyed your day and i hope its not another 14 years before you meet up again
    thanks for linking up x x


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