Review : Baker Days Cake

I won't deny it, I love cake.  Anything sweet and I need to eat it! My girls I think have developed my sweet tooth too.  When Baker Days approached me to review one of their cakes, I could not refuse.  I went on line to pick my letter box cake, from the huge selection available.

I had a real tough choice choosing a cake, did I want personalised or not?  What flavour cake would I like?  I love all cake this was very tough, but settled on carrot cake.  I selected a butterfly deign and sat back and waited for my cake to arrive.

The cake came in a beautiful metal tin when I opened the lid I was greeted with instructions on how to get my cake out of the tin.  This was important to me as the cake smelled fantastic and both girls were asking for a piece.  

cake tininstructions

The cake slid out of the tin beautifully and the design on the cake was more beautiful than in the photo


I cut into the cake and it was a lovely texture, really easy to cut.  The cake almost had a bounce to it.

carrot cake

So far the cake, look good, smelt amazing and was a real dream to cut.  It felt lovely and light.  There was nothing left but to try the cake, my favourite part!

eldest cakeyoungest cake

I am not sure there are words to describe how amazing the cake tasted.  For carrot cake the balance was spot on.   Not too overpowering and really did just melt in your mouth.  So much so I have had to order another cake.  I was really impressed as the cake fitted in the letter box and tastes yummy.  The cake was so good that once it had all gone I ended up with this face

Sad face

I think that would be a face of huge disappointment that it had all gone, but she did really enjoyed the cake.  I have never known either of them eat Carrot cake but they both loved it leaving nothing behind.

I will be ordering more cakes from Baker days, as I think they are perfect for gifts and also if having a small party.  It is great that the box is designed to fit through the post box,  There is a wide selection of designs to choose from, I had such a difficult choice choosing.  I am looking forward to my next one arriving!

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