a table carpet

I can't quite believe this week is here already, my final week of MAT leave before I go back to work.  I feel lucky to have a job to go back to and one which I really enjoy but at the same time I feel guilty for leaving the girls and sad that I won't get to see them grow up.  Having had my girls close together I have spent almost all my time with my eldest daughter and watched her grow and I now know exactly what I am going to be missing with my youngest.

With the return to work imminent I needed to go shopping for some work clothes.  The girls and I went to a local retail park as I figured I would at least find something there.  The clothes I tried on prompted the following responses from my eldest:

'I don't like that Mummy'
'That does not fit Mummy'
'You look silly Mummy'
Screws face and shakes head

Needless to say I came away empty handed.  My eldest however decided that this was a good look

bag on head

Thinking about it I am not sure why I took her fashion advice, but they say a 2 year old does not lie.  

My eldest is very good at making up words for items she does not know, read the lolly bus post for further details, and is starting to also string together complex sentences.  My favourite today was 'Which one shoe you like yesterday Mummy' this was in the shoe shop, I think she wanted to know which shoe I liked.  By far though the best word she has come up with was today at dinner, Table Carpet.  She asked her Daddy why we have a table carpet, then pointed to the table cloth.  Close enough I think.

This day I love a table carpet. 

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  1. That's adorable. Ah, going back to work must be hard. I will be terrified when I have to go back! Hope all goes well xxx

    1. It is really hard and I keep having a cry but I know it will be ok

  2. Sooooo cute! I love their little jumbled sentences said with complete seriousness as well! x

    1. She was very serious when she said it, I was proud she attempted to put a sentence together, even if jumbled

  3. Yes, they do make up very logical (if you think about it) substitutes for what they don't know. Don't take fashion advice until they are 8 - GG is quite my stylist these days and she's usually right :)

    1. It is very logical, I love the thought process behind it


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