Garden fun

I asked my eldest what she wanted to do today, her first response was Justin's House, her next request was to see Mr Bloom,  and her final one was to play in the garden.  At last something we could do.  We watched a Mr Tumble DVD followed by Mr Bloom on Cbeebies, this seemed to satisfy the first two requests, then headed out into the garden.  

The girls love playing in our garden on the swings and the slides.  My eldest pushed her pushchair round as I pushed my youngest in hers to get her to take a nap.  After 30 minutes of pushing we decided to go and play on the trampoline

trampoline funbounce

My eldest would run around in circles then pretend to fall over and would lie on the trampoline giggling.  She would then get up and do it again.  

happy face

I love seeing how happy my girls are when playing outdoors.  I am so pleased we decided to buy them a trampoline, its money well spent for the happy face.

This day I love Garden fun

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