Blogs up North, which I am a proud member of, had its monthly meet up today.  I was particularly excited about this one as it was taking place at the Legoland discovery Centre in Manchester.  My girls have a huge assortment of building bricks, including Lego and Duplo, and both my husband and I love Lego.

The girls and I set off on a very windy journey across the Pennines to Manchester.  I managed to avoid the traffic cones which kept flying into my path by the strong winds and the bus which got caught in the wind and blown across several lanes of the M62 only to over correct and end up drifting back onto the hard shoulder. Needless to say when we arrived I was feeling a little stressed.  My apologies go to anyone I spoke to and may have come across grumpy.

We posed for our picture when we arrived but never did manage to see what it looked like.  I am guessing not that great as I was still shaken from the journey and the girls had just woken up from the 2 hour journey across.  We went into the Lego factory.  My eldest watched the tour of the factory and saw how the Lego bricks are made from Legoo.


After our tour we set about rescuing the captured princess on the Kingdom quest ride.  My eldest was unsure what to do with the laser gun, my youngest however managed to get the highest score of the whole car.  

It was very busy, I'm guessing due to the poor weather outside, plus weekend and I think its still school holidays meant there were lots of children.  As it was just the girls and myself, I could not let my eldest go on either Fire academy or Construction site as she still likes me to go with her and I could not manage both girls and the bags and coats.  For future one child per adult is a good idea.  Both girls were also a little too young for the 4D cinema, which was a shame but there is always next time.  

My eldest really wanted to go on Forest Pursuit but she was too little, which resulted in a few tears as it did when she could not go on Merlin's Apprentice.  As it was busy we could not get near the Lego Friends or Lego racers, but after a short wait we did get to play on the earthquake tables

earth quake

My eldest loves building towers and this was so much fun, using the controls to shake the tower to test its strength.  Both girls enjoyed playing in the Duplo play village which had lots of soft large bricks to play with



They helped each other to build towers.

I enjoyed looking at the models in Miniland and would have gone to watch the Master Builders talk about how they make the large models but thought it unfair for the girls, as they would not have understood what was said.

I think the favourite part for my girls was the Lego pit

My youngest kept trying to eat all the Lego bricks and loved crawling to the table in the middle and back again.  The girls loved playing with each other and my eldest got to build lots of towers.  I think they would have both spent all day in there.  My eldest did lie down and start making a 'Lego Angel' but unfortunately another child took a dislike to this and she stopped part way.  She soon forgot and went back to playing.

Although the girls were too small to go on many of the attractions, the ones they could use they thoroughly enjoyed.  They have both had a wonderful day out, thanks to Blogs up North for organising and we shall return to Legoland discovery centre in Manchester for another day out in the future.

This day I love Lego.

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  1. Was nice to meet you, hope next time for a lot longer and after a better journey for you x

  2. You'll have to bring your hubby next time. He can look after the children while you chat!

  3. You didn't seem grumpy at all, in fact you came across as very friendly and it was lovely to meet you. If you'd have said about not being able to go on the rides because of the bags and coats I'd have looked after them for you! It was a fun day out for the kids wasn't it, nearly drove me nuts but I think that's part of the process at soft play (or lego-bumpy play) centres. Hope to meet you again sometime soon. x (Kay, the one in the hat)

    1. Thanks, lovely to meet you too. The girls loved it and we will go back again when they are a bit bigger

  4. Awww, I can't believe you didn't get to enjoy it all! We had 2 adults and I'd have happily helped with the little ones! Mine are very used to Lego, but they've done the master model builders (with help) and 3D cinema since 18 months old. You really have to shout up next time, I feel bad that we didn't help you!
    Glad you still felt you had a good day - hope that next time you come over the weather is a bit kinder and the drive less exciting :)

    1. We did enjoy it, was just a shame she was too small for some of the rides


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