a wild adventure

With my final days of MAT I wanted to take the girls out to enjoy some of the things we have done together.  First on my list was a wild adventure at Yorkshire Wildlife Park.  The girls and I have visited the park several times and have always enjoyed ourselves.  The park is big so it never feels busy, or has not to us yet.  The animals appear well cared for, with plenty of room.  The ranger talks and shows are great to watch and my favourite part is you can get up close with the animals.

I planned to get there in time for lunch and eat at the Parks Cafe.  I was incredibly disappointed when I discovered the Cafe was closed.  If you are visiting the Park be prepared as the Cafe is now only open in term time.  I headed to the Monkey Play barn as this was the only place selling food.  Our choice was incredibly limited, Chicken nuggets, Veggie burger, Burger all with fries.  No healthy option, no non fried option that's it.  I either fed the girls or would end up with two very ratty children, unfortunately it meant fast food.  The girls did not really enjoy it and neither did I, but then we rarely eat fried fast food.  My other disappointment was that the only place to eat was with the soft play area.  Whilst the area itself is beautiful, once my eldest saw it she did not want to eat and all she wanted to do was play on it.  I had tears trying to get her away from it to go round the park.  The start of the day therefore was stressful, tearful and fattening.

I managed in the end to bribe her away from soft play and off we went to look for the animals.  My eldest  spotted the meerkats and ran towards them.  We stood for a while watching them through the window


My youngest started saying 'baa baa' and pointing, getting very excited, I turned to see what she was pointing at and it was a sheep.  You can go into the field with them and they are very placid which is great round the girls.


My youngest toddled over to the sheep and goat and kept touching them.  Amazed she could get so close she really loved it.  Other people thought it was rather cute her pointing and saying 'baa baa' at the animals.  My eldest is still rather scared and would stand holding my leg, watching her sister interact with the animals.

The girls both then got rather excited and pointed over to the pond


Beautiful flamingos! 

Back in the pushchair and round the park, my youngest again starts pointing and growling.  It was tricky to get a picture but see if you can see what she can see

pointing at lion


We continued on our wild adventure



Passing lots of animals, until we came to our favourite

giraffeinside giraffe

The giraffes opted to stay inside as it was rather windy outside, my girls were ever so fascinated by them.  I think they would have spent all day watching them.  My eldest did want to go and see the Monkeys, so we continued on our adventure

First to watch the very majestic Tigers

tiger walktiger

tiger fish

My youngest decided she wanted to look for monkeys with her sister too


But ended up getting distracted

playing with dirt

Eventually we found some Monkeys, but they did not want to come out because it was too windy for them.  The lemurs however did want to play and once again one climbed in the basket of the pushchair.  Not sure why I have nothing in there

lemurmonkey spotting

bye lemur

My girls loved looking at all the animals, its such a shame the day started as it did.  I will take the girls again though next time we go we will be taking a packed lunch and plenty of juice, as there is no where to buy drink from [other than in the soft play. not great when you want to leave the park].  My eldest enjoyed her day so much that when we got home she Skype her Grandparents to tell them about it.  She has asked me if we can go see the giraffes soon.

This day I love a wild adventure.

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