Project 365 : Week 15

I can't believe I have just finished my final week of maternity leave, I start work next week.  The time has gone ever so quickly


Sunday - sleep is a rare thing at the moment.  For whatever reason my youngest is very unsettled at night.  This was one of those rare moments.


Monday - Not sure why but my eldest loves to put everything on her head.  Here she is in a clothes shop walking around with her bag on her head.  We had gone shopping for my return to work, I need work clothes,


Tuesday and Wednesday - Two days spent playing in the garden.  It made me happy to watch the girls play together and it was lovely to have some fun with them

Thursday - My eldest is desperate to go and see Justin's house again.  She told me she was going to drive to see Justin and promptly got in the drivers seat of the car whilst I was unloading the shopping.

bird watching
Friday - The girls love watching the birds in the garden.  My youngest kept banging on the window saying 'birds' and scaring them away.  My eldest has asked to make bird food again.

new shoes
Saturday - With my youngest growing in confidence it was time to get her measured for her first pair of shoes.  I feel it wont be long before she is walking all the time and more than a few steps.

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  1. Great that you captured the big moment your little one of being measured for her first pair of shoes

    1. I missed it with my eldest and always regretted it

  2. Beautiful photos. I hope your return to work goes smoothly :-)

  3. When are you back at work honey? love the shot of driving! :-)

  4. You've captured some lovely natural shots of the girls having fun together.

  5. I hope your first week back at work goes well x

  6. Love Friday and Wednesday photo's, very natural and full of love! x

  7. Their laughter is gorgeous, so infectious.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.


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