Review : Splash about shoes

My girls are both keen swimmers and we are very familiar with the range of items from Splash about.  Pool safety is a big issue for me.  My eldest knows to walk slowly round the pool and what to do if she falls.  My youngest is trying to walk and as she is still unsteady with her balance I looked for an item that would provide her with some grip as she toddles around the pool.

Splash about make some great pool shoes which we were kindly sent a pair.  I was a little confused as to the sizing of the shoes, and have since figured out that a size S which we were sent is around a UK size 4.  This was a little too big for my youngest daughter so one of her friends from swimming very kindly agreed to model the shoes for us.

The shoes have a great rubberised sole, which help little feet to grip the slippy pool surface.  The soles are lovely and thick and allow for movement of the foot when walking.

sole of shoe

The draw string at the back ensures a tight fit that can be adjusted


The top of the shoe has a mesh vent which allows the foot to breathe.  The shoe is designed to get wet and so can be used both in the water and when toddling either at the pool side or on the beach.  The shoes also have a special UV layer to ensure maximum sun protection to prevent sunburn

splash about shoe

The shoes are really very well designed and easy to put on and take off.  They have been designed with the comfort of the child in mind and the safety which parents look for.  A really great product that I will be using with my children.


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