a perfect picnic

The Tots100 monthly competition to find the next Center Parcs Family blogger is for a family fun perfect picnic.  The girls and I have had a lot of fun with this competition, first there was our lets have lunch on the trampoline

picniclunch on trampoline

outdoor lunch

This was a lot of fun.  Both girls really enjoy the outdoors and to have lunch outside was great for them.  We had to have it on the trampoline because if we did the traditional blanket on the floor, the dog would have eaten all our food.  He is very quick and nothing would have stood a chance.  Trampoline lunch are a new favourite in nice weather.

We tried on several occasions to also have BBQ, but the weather always caught us so we ended up indoors.  We did however have lovely weather on my daughter first birthday were all the family came round and we all got to have a family picnic outside.  I made these lovely ladybird crackers

ladybird crackers

They were very easy to do, cream cheese on a cracker with half an olive for the head of the lady bird and two quarters of a cherry tomato to make the wings.  Everyone enjoyed them and and we had a great ladybird themed party.

dinner outside

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