Project 365 : Week 18


Sunday - A sad start to the week as the 28th April is the day my sister passed away.  It is now 9 years but still feel like yesterday.  We all had to be brave.  My eldest was extra brave as she held a worm, she normally runs away from all animals

messy face

Monday - This was our messy play day.  We hunted for pirate treasure, sailed the seas and even made some brownies.

nice hair

 Tuesday - My daughter came home from nursery with her hair like this, I was impressed.  She really loved it.   I just hope she does not ask me to do it as I don't know if I can.

spring oak tree

Wednesday - I love looking up at the oak Tree.  I am really enjoying the change of the seasons on the tree. I find it very peaceful to lie on our trampoline and look up at the tree.  Wednesday also saw me bare all on naked mums.

the girls

Thursday - I woke up to my two girls cuddled in bed with me. I did have a sore neck and wrist for the rest of the day.   After a really busy day at work I had planned to do some messy play, but unfortunately we ended up in hospital with my youngest.  Thankfully all is now ok.

iron man

Friday - Iron man came! My youngest loves him and tries to carry him around but he is a little too heavy for her.  She loves to give him lots of kisses!

birthday girl

Saturday - Star Wars day, I had planned to watch Star Wars but I was a little too busy as it was my youngest first Birthday!  May the forth be with you.

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  1. Oh my goodness the chocolate face photo and sunglasses one are so funny! Brilliant. Sorry again about the anniversary of your sisters passing :( I hope you are ok x

  2. Love the chocolate face! Happy Birthday to your little girl :) What a great day to have a birthday!

  3. Cute
    Happy Birthday little one

  4. So sorry your week had a sad start. Hope you had time for a little quiet reflection under that beautiful oak tree. Gorgeous pictures. Love the happy chocolaty face, and the cool shades on the birthday girl :)

  5. Loving the iron man series :-D That hair clip was a good idea on brownie day!

  6. I'm so sorry about the sad start to your week.
    The brownies photo is so funny.
    I hope your youngest is ok after her hospital trip xx


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