Project 365 : Week 21



We were very luck to attend the Baby show at Birmingham NEC.  It was a really great day out and we met some very lovely people.  My youngest daughter loved all the different stands.  She was caught posing with the giraffe from funky giraffe bibs, whilst wearing a funky giraffe bib!  This has to be one of my favourite pictures from the show.


twist it up

One of my favourite finds from the baby show, is the Cuddle Twist from Cuddle Dry.  My eldest daughter has wanted to tie her hair up after the shower for as long as I can remember.  The Cuddle twist let her do this and she is ever so happy.  She calls it her hair towel and she keeps asking for when she can wash her hair, just to wear the towel.


chocolate smile

My youngest is now becoming more independent and wanting to feed herself.  She is getting better but still makes a huge mess, I figure she is enjoying herself.  She has also started posing for the camera, this photo is my favourite of the week,


tick tick

My youngest has a new skill.  She comes up to you lifts your top, says tick tick and then wiggles her fingers on your tummy.  



The girls decided to play with everything and created a huge mess.  If the images are moving my youngest is signing where.



Whilst I was doing some admin for work my youngest kept coming over the laptop screen and saying boo!yes the mess got worse if you look in the background.  I added the monsters to hide my work.


my pet worm

The sun was shining, which after yesterday weather is hard to believe.  My eldest daughter and I played out in the garden whilst my youngest napped.  She found a pet worm.

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  1. ooooh you have been using some clever photo presentation thingy here - the messy room shot is great and i was taken aback for a moment when i saw it was a moving image. i love the messy food face and the last one of your eldest watching that worm friend of hers x

  2. Love the giraffe pic and the messy diner one.

  3. Lovely photos of your girls having a fun and active week - I do love the messy face one the best though!


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