tick tick and an evening walk

My youngest decided to show me her new skill this evening.  She would come up to me lift up my top say tick tick and wiggle her fingers on my tummy

tickle mummy

After an hour or so of tickling it was time to go to bed.  My eldest had fallen asleep, I think from a busy day at nursery but my youngest would not settle.  I tried everything and in the end decided that as it was not raining I would take her on an evening walk.  We did not go far just round the block, but it was lovely to get some fresh air. 

It also gave us an opportunity to try out our Bundle Bean.  I was happy knowing that she was wrapped up very warm and that it was secure on the pushchair thanks to the Velcro straps.  She did try a few times to put her dummy in the pocket on the front, I think my eldest will put her hands in here.  I found it really easy to attach to the pushchair.  The inside feels lovely and soft and with the outside waterproof I knew that she was well protected.  We will hopefully be using our Bundle Bean as a picnic mat this weekend, which I am looking forward to.  I shall also be using it as a blanket on the carrier when we go walking for the training to the Yorkshire 3 Peaks challenge [please sponsor me].

My youngest kept herself amused by pretending her dummy was an aeroplane


She also pointed out all the birds she could see

bird watching

She really did not want to go to sleep.  I would love to say she finally did but after an hour of walking it started to get dark so we headed home.  

It was really lovely to get out for an hour and get some fresh air and really nice that the rain held off just long enough.

This day I love tick tick and an evening walk

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  1. I do love summer light evenings, it gives so much more opportunity for evening outdoor fun. That Bundle Bean looks super cosy. Thanks for linking up what a lovely sunny evening it was too!

  2. Too cute! I wish summer would come visit us already, I enjoy our evening walks SO much!

    NGF from; http://doublethalove.blogspot.com

  3. Oh, it's so lovely to go for a walk in the evening - even just sitting outside for a bit in the last of the day is lovely. Your daughter looks very comfy in her buggy, if not particularly sleepy... :)

  4. i remember doing this when Burton was a baby - walking really early in the morning or early evening!! i love how she calls tickling 'tick tick' too x

  5. The Bundle Bean does look good and walks are always good

  6. A walk in the evening is lovely, it's great now the daylight hours are getting longer. I must say she looks very cosy in there (my youngest has that onesie too, I love it)

  7. ah i love a good walk with the buggy. do it every day with the school run. :)

  8. What a lovely post - I love tickling, it makes them laugh so much! That Bundle Bean looks super comfy. Heading over from #S2S2D

  9. Oh she looks so cosy!! Summer evenings are just perfect for a lazy summer walk xx

  10. its great being able to go out later on isn't it. We have a bundlebean they are fab aren't they!

  11. Summer evenings are just lovely for a walk and your little one looks so cosy. Hope she got off to sleep ok, the little monkey :)


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