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As mentioned in previous posts, my baby wipe of choice when at home are Cheeky Wipes.  I came across Cheeky Wipes at the Baby show in May 2010.  I was 28 weeks pregnant with my eldest and up to that point I had not bought anything for the baby.  I had been told that my chance of carrying her to term was small, due to a difficult pregnancy, and I did not want to jinx the pregnancy by buying things just in case.

The first item I bought were Cheeky Wipes.  My husband and I walked past the stall and then promptly did a U turn and went back and purchased them, our first purchase and our first agreed purchase.  We both loved them, the idea and the wipes themselves.

Cheeky wipes are washable wipes which come with two different coloured containers.  Mine are red for dirty and green for clean.  Clean wipes are placed in the container with some water and a few drops of essence to make them smell nice.  Dirty wipes are placed in the dirty container.  I put mine in the wash bucket with my cloth nappies.  They are bigger than cotton wool so clean more in terms of area, softer that traditional wipes and contain no chemicals.  Are really easy to use and come clean really easily.  There is also no need to dry them again once washed you can use straight away.

I have the terry-towelling wipes for cleaning bottoms, these are white.  I purchased another pack and dyed them yellow for cleaning round the house.  Great as wash cloths, dusters and general cleaning wipes.  I have the bamboo wipes for faces.  These are incredibly soft and so nice to use on faces. 

The microfibre cloth, holds a lot of water and really easily picks up dirt.  I use these also on hands and faces.  I find the microfibre works best if there is a lot of mess or dried on dirt, such as when my youngest is teething and has a runny nose.  It grips the dirt and removes easily and much better than traditional baby wipes.  It is also incredibly soft and the girls love playing with them.  We also use these in the bath.

getting clean

I love using my Cheeky wipes and am impressed that they have lasted for 2 years, a great investment, and they still look like they did when I first bought them.

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