the BIG reveal

Something BIG has come to this day I love.  Its time to reveal, but first here is the background to the project.

A year ago we moved into our dream house, it had everything even a beautiful play house and swing slide set in the garden for the girls.  My eldest was keen to play on them and the first thing that happened was one of the rungs on the ladder broke,  We checked and did repair work to make it safe but the equipment and the house are 12 years old, never been painted or really looked after and so we kept doing more and more repairs.  We were then faced with a decision, do we keep making repairs or do we rip it all out a start again?  We decided that we would make do and mend.  We are incredibly lucky and grateful to have the equipment so lets restore it back to new.  Let's clean, fix and paint and get the girls involved.  Start a project with the girls so they can value their play equipment, want to play and take care of it.  More important let's get them outside playing.
looking out

So a project was born, lets Restore, Recycle and Renovate our outside play areas, so the girls can be inspired and motivated to care for them as they get older.  So they have somewhere safe to play and somewhere that will last as they grow older. 

This bank holiday weekend we began our Project.  First up, cleaning!

Luckily we had sunshine for 3 days, day 1 was spent cleaning the playhouse and the other 2 days the swing slide set.

swing slide setwooden frame


My husband and eldest got to work with the Karcher K2 Pressure washer along with the Karcher Wood detergent to clean the wooden frame.  As you can see from the above pictures the frame was incredibly dirty  from 12 years worth of outdoor dirt.  

My husband set up the pressure washer really quickly and got to work.  As the idea behind the project is that the girls help too, my eldest could not believe her luck when she got to have a go.  The Karcher is so light to handle that she had no problems with it.  My husband stayed with her just in case though.  

cleaning begins

The power of water from the vario lance and cleaning power from the Karcher K2 was absolutely amazing, it made really light work of all the dirt and debris on the wooden frame.  My husband did this patch in less than 20 seconds just to show me how good it really was.  

spot differencegetting there

Due to the Karcher K2 light weight and compact size my husband found it really easy to manoeuvre round the swing slide set.  The long handle made it really easy to push or pull.   

karcher k2vari lance

Although it took 2 days to finally clean the swing slide set it would have taken a lot longer had it not been for the amazing cleaning power of the Karcher K2.

Of course my eldest did not want to clean all the swing slide set what she wanted to do was play on her bike from Galt toys.

red bike

She absolutely adores her bike, she loves the bright red colour and how easy it is to move.  She loves that it is as she puts it 'a proper bike'  It so easy for her to steer that she was riding up and down the patio for most of the day


I love how well made it is, and that it is helping her gain better balance.  As she was having so much fun on her bike I could get on with the sanding whilst my husband cleaned.  

We made a good start to our Restore, Recycle, Renovate project, the play house and swing slide set are amazingly clean.  I keep looking at them through the window in the pouring rain at how clean they are.  I managed to sand everything down, which means next job is repair work and painting.  My husband had fun with his new toy, a Karcher K2 pressure washer and my eldest had fun with her lovely red bike from Galt toys.  I cannot wait for Part 2!  Oh and the red bike from Galt toys has made its way indoors and is been rode up and down the hall way, its safe to say she enjoys it!

If you are undertaking a similar project at the moment, which encourages kids to play outside, Restoring, Recycling and Renovating Outdoor play spaces then please let me know and leave me a link in comments, thank you.

This Day I love the Big reveal. 

We were very kindly sent a Karcher K2 pressure washer, and a bike from Galt toys,  The words used are my own honest opinion on the products.  

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  1. I will be embarking on a build it all from scratch project rather than a renovate as we currently
    Have nothing! Looking forward to watching your progress x

  2. Fantastic! What a great set to inherit and you've done a terrific job of cleaning it up. The girls will have years of fun with it.

  3. awesome work! i would love to pressure wash our patio sometime - it's amazing what a difference a good cleaning can make!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  4. I totally love power washers. One summer my dad had me power wash our wooden fence. It was like it was a whole new fence! The dirt had accumulated so gradually that we hadn't even noticed. It was amazing.


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