A Big fat worm

This post is a little late as I have had a few long nights with a poorly youngest, but I wanted to share our fun bank holiday when the weather was nice and sunny and not raining like its done all week.

We made the most of the sunny weather, I started the morning with a long walk with the girls in preparation for my three peaks challenge, [Please head over to my sponsorship page].  We spent all morning walking which was great and it was really lovely to be outside

sunny walks

After lunch we then went into the garden to plant some of our new plants.  I had two lovely helpers to dig holes for the plants


All our garden with plants is pebble based with soil underneath it takes some digging so I was quite happy for some help.  My eldest loved digging, until she found a worm.  Not just any worm but a big fat one.

my wormworm

It did take some persuading but eventually she agreed to put the worm back in the garden so that it can look after the plants.  She was ever so pleased that she managed to find one.  I just love how happy she was for finding one.

This day I love a big fat worm.

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  1. Aww have you thought about getting her a wormery?

    Thank you for linking up with the Summer Carnival


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