Bird houses and cuddles

With the nice warm weather and my girls showing more and more interest in wildlife, we decided it was time to build our bird table.

The girls enjoyed putting all the pieces together

finding the screw

youngest buildingbuilding bird table

My eldest liked passing the pieces to me and my youngest enjoyed helping

After we had built our table it was all time to pile on Mummy on the trampoline

mummy squish

Before having some cuddles and watching the birds

me and the girls

This day I love Bird houses and cuddles

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  1. Ah, your lovely Next birdhouse!Hope you get lots of feathery visitors!

    1. Yes our Next birdhouse, I finally managed to build it

  2. Love the little pic of you all! We have been meaning to put up a bird table - on my to do list. Looks like you had a wonderful time :)
    Just popping by from Country Kids

    Laura x

  3. A team effort - let's hope you get lots of visitors for the girls to watch. It's nice to see some photos of you with the girls - thanks for sharing with Country Kids.

  4. How clever building it together - can't wait to see photos of your birds :O)

  5. looks like you all had fun together.


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