marching and bubbles

We had a lovely delivery when I got home from work.  A new book 'Lions Speedy sauce', by Carrie and David Grant.  I was very excited to pick the girls up from nursery so we could listen to the CD and read the book.

My eldest was very keen to listen to the CD so we put it on on the way home.  She loved listening to the story.  I found it really well read and loved listening to the enthusiasm bringing the story to life.  My daughter loved the songs and soon started singing along.  I was rather surprised when she started to sing along to the scales, more so when she asked for it on again.

I filmed her singing but she is very very shy so it is a little quiet but listen carefully and you can hear her, it brought a huge smile to my face

We arrived home and my eldest just wanted to sit and read her new book.  The pictures are very bright and colourful and really captured the imagination of my daughter, who is almost 3.

reading book

We then started talking a little about rhythm.  This got my daughters imagination and she started to march, saying 1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4 over and over.  It just goes to show how much the book has captured her imagination


My youngest followed her around joining marching too.  The girls then decided to play on the swings.  I had put the bubble machine on for them to chase the bubbles but the dog decided to play bubbles instead.

swing watching Jbubbles

 The girls and Jasper had a lot of fun this evening in the garden.  I love how much she enjoyed 'Lions speedy sauce' and that it is encouraging her to take an interest in music.  

This day I love Marching and Bubbles

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  1. They are really good books! Love them!

  2. These look fab! Can't wait to buy all these lovely things for my Son. Great pics of your children x

    Found you via the weekend blog hop

  3. These pictures are great Leyla! I love how children can get so absorbed by a book. Your girls are very close together in age. What's the gap?

    1. There is 21 months, almost to the day between them

  4. Ooooh I think I might have to order a copy myself, my three children love books like that. I am stopping by via the blog hop and I am a newbie blogger and I blog over at

  5. It sounds a great book! I love Carrie and David Grant!!
    Great pics x

  6. Carrie and David Grant are awesome! This book sounds absolutely fabulous and I may just have to go and get Cameron one.

    Thank you for linking up with The Weekend Blog Hop

    Hope to see you again next weekend

    Laura x x x

  7. Found you over on the Weekend Blog Hop

    These books sound great, shall have to have a look, never heard of them before x

  8. This book sounds great - I'd never heard of it before.

    Mum of a Premature Baby


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