Review : Maxi Cosi Streety Plus

When we attended the baby show we were very kindly provided with a Maxi Cosi Streety plus to help us with our shopping.  On first impression I was pleased to see a rather large shopping basket ready for our day ahead.  The seat unit looked ever so comfortable and feels incredibly padded.

My eldest daughter is 2 and half and she instantly took a shine to the Maxi Cosi stroller and climbed in.


My daughter loved that the bar could be removed and kept lifting it up and down.  I am just glad she did not figure out how to unclick it.  Though this is a great feature as you can take a sleeping child out of the stroller with ease.  The seat unit is able to face both parents and what I class as forward facing, the outside.  I love that it has this option as many strollers on the market are only able to face one way.  My eldest loved that she could watch me, as she is used to facing the other way round.  She also had a great view point to look at all the things going past.

good view point

The Maxi Cosi streety plus was very easy to manoeuvre one handed around the stands and I could zip in and out with ease, even with my almost three year old in the seat.  The front wheels are lockable and it has rear wheel suspension for optimum comfort.  I prefer to not lock the wheels but its good to know the option is there.

Soon my eldest wanted to explore and it was the turn of my 1 year old to test the Maxi Cosi Streety plus.  We stopped by the Maxi Cosi stand where we were shown how easy the Streety plus is to fold, its a simple twist and follow the numbered buttons.  However I have accidentally almost folded the pushchair with my daughter in when I have caught the twist mechanism on the main handle, I pushed to get the stroller up a pavement/curb and the twist mechanism took place.  Once folded the pushchair will stand up on its own and is really compact that it would have fitted in the boot of my mini.  One snag is that to fold the pushchair seat must be facing outwards and not in parent mode, so you have to unclip the seat and either re clip and fold as one or fold the seat separate.

The Maxi Cosi Streety plus can be folded one handed and I only needed to be shown once how to do it because its straight forward.  It was also pointed out that there should be pads on the 3 point harness on the shoulder part of the straps, I was advised these would be sent to me but I am still waiting for them.  

We continued on our journey around the baby show and my youngest daughter soon fell asleep.


I easily managed to turn the chair into a lie flat position using the easy handles on the back of the chair and lowered her into lie flat.  It was so sleek that she did not wake up and was incredibly easy to do.  The lie flat position also means the Maxi Cosi Streety plus is suitable from birth.  The Maxi Cosi Streety plus can also clip on any of the Maxi Cosi car seats and carry cots, making it a great travel system.  I did not test this functionality as my daughters are too old for a carry cot or the car seat.

We continued around the baby show and managed to fill the basket with all our shopping.  My youngest had got tired again by this point which is why she looks a little unhappy


I was not too worried though as the seat is so comfortable she soon fell back asleep.

sleep again

I have used the Maxi Cosi Streety plus since the Baby show and 99% of the time my youngest will fall asleep in the stroller.  I think this must give some idea of how comfortable it is.


The sun canopy is on the larger side of hoods I have seen on other strollers so it gives plenty of shade when out and about on evening walks.


I have noticed a few differences in the handling of the Maxi Cosi Streety plus when out on pavement compared to indoors at the Baby show.  For my own personal preference the handle is a little too high for me, which means I do struggle to get my weight behind to lift up pavements/curbs.  I have noticed that if my daughter is in parent mode this is harder than if she is in forward facing mode.  I think its also to do with weight distribution on the stroller itself, as I do find it difficult to 'tip' up with nothing in.  This said it is very easy to push the stroller even one handed.  

The Maxi Cosi Streety plus comes in a choice of 4 colours, the colour we have is hot pink.  Overall I am a fan of the Maxi Cosi streety plus.  I think it is better suited to indoor 'shopping centre' style walks rather than long country walk the dog type walks.  It is very easy to fold and folds incredibly small, perfect for those with a small space to store.  I think its great it can be used with the Maxi Cosi range of car seats and carry cots and is suitable from birth.  

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