Project 365 Week 22


My youngest had a rough night with teething and spent most of the day catching up on sleep.  We took the opportunity to take a walk with Grandma.  My eldest loved picking up the dandelions and blowing the seeds into the wind.  

dandelion clock


Bank holiday Monday was also lovely and sunny.  I took the opportunity to do some training for the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge I am under taking in July.  I used our new BOB twin stroller which is, and I am not just saying this, amazing.  I was able to undertake all different sorts of terrain and both my girls loved it.

the BOB


I was feeling a little under the weather and after a long day at work I could not wait to pick up the girls.  My youngest cheered me up with this smile.



I got the girls ready for bed and my youngest daughter thought it would be a good idea to empty the PJ drawer.  She then proceeded to put them all back before emptying again.  



I had a lovely afternoon with a great group of bloggers at the Next event.  I had to take this picture of an item in Next as its going to be my new motto for our Kitchen. 



My youngest was no longer satisfied with using one spoon so she used two, one went in whilst the other was filled back up.  It was really funny to watch her.

two spoons


We had a lovely journey down the M62, not a word I usually associate with the M62.  We went to visit Lisa and her family to celebrate baby J first birthday.  The girls had lots of fun and it was a really lovely day.  On our way back we stopped at a service station and my eldest daughter had fun watching for her Daddy out the car window.

Daddy Watching


We had another birthday party today.  It was my nephews birthday so we headed over to my husbands parents house.  It was a great party the girls played with their cousins at the local soft play.  My favourite moment though of the day was watching my youngest chill out with her Granddad. 

chilling with Granddad

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  1. ha ha that final photo is a classic - she looks so little in that chair and yet over powers the photo. that Next plaque made me smile too. x

  2. Multigenerational photos are so special.

  3. I love the first photo, great colour


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